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How is LoveBook handling the COVID-19 pandemic?
My username/password is not working.
How Do I Change My Email Address?
How long will my book stay in the system?
How do I Delete My Account
How does this work?
How many pages can I have in my book?
What are the dimensions of the LoveBooks?
Can I change the font in my book?
How will the pages be printed in my book?
What language do you support?
How do I purchase a digital book?
What digital book formats do you offer?
How do I access my digital book?
Can I still order Black & White books?
Can I add photos to my book?
Can I print my own LoveBook from screen shots of images I create on Can I sell copies of any of my LoveBook content?
Can I edit my book and pages on a mobile device?
Can I create children LoveMoji Characters?
How many children LoveMojis can I include in my book?
Can I include multiple LoveMojis on the cover?
Can I change the characters on the pages once selected?
Can I have multiple child givers in my Personalized Activity Book?
Do I have to buy a membership?
What do I get with a LoveBook+ membership?
How do I purchase a LoveBook+ membership?
Do memberships renew automatically?
Can I cancel my Membership?
Do promo codes work with Memberships?
Are any add-ons included with subscriptions?
It is not allowing me to purchase my membership with PayPal or Apple Pay, what do I do?
How Much Does a Lovebook+ Membership Cost?
Can I add my own image to a mug?
Are the mugs microwave and dishwasher safe?
How big is each mug?
Can I edit my Kids book?
How many pages does the Kids Book have?
What size are Kids Books?
Can I add multiple children in my Kids Book?
Can I order multiple books at the same time?
Where does my coupon code go?
My credit card will not work, but all my info is correct. What is wrong?
Payment Methods
How do I buy multiple copies of the same book?
There is an error with my book. What do I do?
I just ordered, can I make changes?
Where is my tracking number?
My tracking number said my book was delivered but I can't find it.
My Estimated Delivery Date has passed. Where is my shipment?
What is your refund policy?
Can I change my address?
Where is my receipt?
I'm shipping to an APO/FPO and it's past my Estimated Delivery Date. What now?
I just received an "Advanced Shipping Notice" What is that?
If I order today when will I receive my book?
Do you ship worldwide?
My shipment said it is being returned to you, what do I do?
When should I place my order, so it arrives in time for an upcoming event?
Do your packages require a signature?
This is being sent as a gift. Do you send receipt info? What does the packaging look like?
Do you ship to correctional facilities?
Do you ship to APO/FPO's?
Can you ship my order to a hotel?
I can't save my changes in the Page Editor.
My pages are not loading in the preview.
The website is acting funny (slow loading, broken links, etc). Is there a problem?
How do You Arrange Pages in a LoveBook?

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